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The Pouic is an unweighted rabbit streamer with a gliding action and a body that undulates even on the slowest retrieves.

Using the Pouic Zonker Streamer you will target hard and wary fish that have seen many aggressive streamers with a cascading swim.

The Pouic is best for slow fishing especially in the coldest of winters, but it also lends itself well to fast retrieves and fishing all season long. Many competitors have made it their favourite streamer, the one that saves innings! Alone or in tandem on any type of line, once wet it will work thanks to the rabbit straps. You can retrieve by knitting, by short or long pulls and sometimes in quasi static at the speed of animation of the chiros.

Once the Pouic Streamer is wet, we advise you to pass it in front of you so that you can see the type of effect that suits you.

Tyed on Premium Ellipse EHA4300-BL barbless hook

Models in size 12 length 60 to 70mm

Models in size 08 length 70 to 90mm

If you find your fly too long it can easily be cut to any length you like.

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