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The Mop Fly Eggstasy pink combines components already well known for their formidable efficiency, to create an absolutely deadly nymph for stillwaters!

The Mop caterpillar used for the Mop Fly, this sort of finger made of ultra fine fiber, moves softly and looks like the body of a big larva.

The thorax is made of Eggstasy fiber from Flybox which is a must for creating attractive living eggs.

The fly is carefully assembled on Ellipse eha-5900-bl barbless hook in size 10, these premium hooks are of the highest standard for bite and fish holding.

Their rounded shape allows for a good grip by trout. On the one hand you will miss less fish while protecting them. Weighted with a gold coloured brass Ellipse bead, providing enough weight to sink the fly to the right depth but not too fast.

It can be used in several ways:

Suspended alone or in team under a bung for bung fishing

Alone on sight fishing for marauding fish.

Slowly stripped with all types of silk

Placed in a clothesline fly train.

In size 10, length about 28mm

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