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Polarised Glasses
Polarised Glasses

To protect the eyes, to see the fish and to see the bottom of the river, polarized glasses are almost indispensable for the fly fisherman: They protect the eyes from Ultra-Violet, from the tiredness caused by the mirror effect of the water surface and from the risk of uncontrolled return of a fly. The goggles will also provide comfort to see below the surface, fishes and obstacles by increasing contrast for your safety when moving through the water. We offer Vision polarised glasses, many of which are made in France, with quality lenses and frames at a great price point. They are delivered in 24-48 hours for free from 40€ of order, by the French site the best noted by its

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A no frills lanyard or retainer to keep your sunglasses safe and within easy reach when not in use. Black color with white Guideline logos and sliding adjustable clip.
3.95 €
Magnifier Glasses are available in two different versions, +2.0 and +3.0 magnifying rate, and they also offer a flip-up function so you do not need to remove them all the time.
19.99 €
The copper-colored lens is a very good all-round color in the brown tone color spectrum that is perfect for fishing in daylight / sunlight and which also provides the best contrast when looking for fi
49.99 €
Guideline Tactical sunglasses are made with a sporty frame that covers well on the sides as the shape is slightly curved. It is a great model for fishing, leisure and sports activities. Silver Mirror
49.99 €
ABOUT POLARFLITE SERIES The Polarflite shades includes a wide collection of frames with Actif tri-acetate cellulose lenses. They give 100% protection from UVA-, UVB- and UVC light.
55.90 €