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The Orange IPN is probably one of the best streamers for the reservoir, especially for fresh fishes. This type of streamer is characterised by a long marabou tail with a Fritz caterpillar body, a brass ball in the head with two eyes and a contrasting varnished silk mounting neck.

All this makes it a very simple but very effective fly.

Excellent for catching fresh fishes, you can use it alone or in combination with all the other colours.

All IPN flies have long marabou tails with exactly 4 strands of extra fine UV flash just to give them extra appeal. Strong iron hook size 8 Pearl

- 3.8mm Fluo Orange with signature pupil eyes.

Total length approximately 6cm.

Tail- High quality Hot Orange Marabou with fine UV Flashabou.

Body- Hot Orange 15mm Blob Fritz.


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