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» » » EHA-1200-BL DRY FLY HOOK

The EHA-1200-BL fly hook is designed for the discerning dry fly tyer. The hooks are of a classic wire and standard length, the bend is round with a slightly extended point and incredibly sharp.

This dry hook is forged for strength, has premium quality steel, black nickel colour and barbless point.

The hooks are made of the premium quality steel.

Ellipse hooks are manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers using the most advanced manufacturing processes to produce high performance, long lasting hooks used by many of the world's leading competitors.

Hooks from 12 to 20,

Sold in packs of 50 for 5.95 €



- Eye down

- Standard wire

- Standard length

- Round bend

- Hardened and forged steel

- Black nickel colour

- Chemical sharpening

- Barbless

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