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Ellipse hooks are manufactured according to modern and demanding processes.

These processes and the quality of the steel are mastered by one of the world's leading manufacturers, in order to obtain the most efficient and durable hooks.

Fly hooks that will be used by many competitors and professional fly tyers.

The EHA-2100-BL is a versatile fly hook for dries, nymphs and perdigons (Spanish Nymphs), one reference for 3 types of flies, saving time and money and above all, quality assemblies, which is the most important thing if you are an experimented fly tyer.

traight hook, 1x strong iron, normal length and curvature, its shape is perfectly thought out, the point is slightly retracted and lengthened which allows while offering a large opening, a better holding of the fish and a spiciness which will transform many bites into catches.

This hook is forged for extra strength, in premium quality steel, black nickel colour and barbless tip.


Hooks from 12 to 16

Sold in packs of 50 for £5.95


Features :

- Straight eye

- 1x strong iron

- Standard length

- Straight bend

- Hardened and forged steel

- Black nickel colour

- Chemical sharpening

- Re-entrant point

- Barbless

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