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This fly box is very easy to open and has a larger grip on the locking mechanism than on most of this type fly box, easier to grab and open, more solid.

The inside depth of the box is generous so it will carry big dries and other types without squeezing them.

Guideline offer this box in 196mm long x 106mm wide and 42mm thick.

Size fits well into all our vests and packs.

Color is slate gray with orange seal and Guideline snakelogo on top.

This one has 18 rows of slit foam and a very generous capacity (10mm between rows).

In our opinion the perfect box to use as a one to carry them all. On the deep side you can load lots of dry flies and on the shallower side emergers, nymphs and other flies that does not have a lot of bulk, very practical.

A riverbox example is to put parachutes/bulky flies in bottom no problem with tall wings size 12 flies and then smaller duns on the leaf same side size 16 and down, and on the shallow side emergers and spent spinners.

The swing leaf is solid, hinged and stay in place during use. Can be easily removed.

Capacity 423 flies !

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