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Slim Tri Foam boxes is made of Polycarbonate that has great durability, strength and a great crystal clear finish. The two sizes suits most most types of dries, nymphs and streamers.

The inside height is 15mm which allows you to have larger parachute flies and upwinged flies up to size 10-12 without haveing issue with wings beeing crushed.

Yet this box is quite slim that makes it fit into all our packs and vests and you can carry several inside one pocket.

This type of boxes is our favourite for flies you use in special situations during the season, flies you not nessesary carry all the time.

The foam insert is lime colored which gives good conthrast against most types of flies.

Medium: 156mm long x 107mm wide and 27mm thick.

Medium has 13 slits pr row and total 10 rows, a total of 130 slits to fasten your flies in.

Large: 186mm long x 130mm wide x 27mm thick.

Large has 17 rader i bredden og 12 rader, total 204 slits to fasten your flies in.

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