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The Slim Fit fly boxes are slim and strong and fit easily into any pocket or garment thanks to their 18mm thickness.

The transparent plastic allows you to see the contents without having to open the box, the bottom is embossed with fishes which have an anti-slip effect, the hinges are made of stainless steel.

The foams used are of high density for a better holding of the flies in time.

Modern and aesthetic, these boxes are suitable for most fly fishermen.

4 models:

  • V105 Medium model 145x81x21 mm, 65g price, 108 slots, 10.90€
  • V115 Large 185x85x18 mm, 100g price, 168 slots, 10.90€ €
  • V107 Large streamer model 185x100x17mm, lengthwise slots, 10.90€
  • V110 Large model with streamers 185x100x28mm slots lengthwise with more height 10.90€
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