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This fly is a must have for stillwaters fishing, made with Flybox's famous best selling Eggstasy fiber and our top EHA-5900-BL barbless Ellipse hooks with incredible bite and fish holding power.

Color Cheese Fluo

The eggstasy fly can be used in a variety of ways:

On sight if the water clarity allows it, it sinks very slowly (even floats a little when dry) and presented at the right depth on even a low active fish, the catch rate is really impressive.

On a line of several flies, in floating or intermediate line with a very slow retreive.

Finally, in static fishing with a Bung:

Using a floating line you can place one, two or three Eggstasy eggs. At various depths, 0.60m, 1.20m, 1.80m, 2.40m...under the indicator.

Choose a "break" area a few metres from the bank, and watch for the right moment to strike.

Bung fishing is always a good way to discover a beet without spooking the fish, it's often a fail-safe especially with Eggstasy eggs rigged with Flybox fiber (sold on the webshop).

Size 10 (egg 15mm)

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