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It's small, cute as a candy and you'd eat it...

The mini Booby Sunburst from Fulling Mill must provoke the same craving in the trout. I saw a friend of mine catch 8 fish in 40 minutes on a hard reservoir with clear water and well educated fish when all the regulars thought booby fishing was ineffective.

Made of modern high quality materials. It is part of the new generation of boobies, coming from the competition, it can effectively have a multi role activity. It can be used as a traditional booby with a super sinking line for bottom fishing, alone or in a trio of boobies.

It can also be used with all densities of line in a washing line with excellent results when coupled with other Boobies, Blobs, Nymphs, Crunchers, Diawl Bachs, Chiros...

Hook size 12

Total length 25 mm

Premium quality

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