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Range of spinning blanks for light and ultra light lines, from 2 to 8 lb.

Models in 2 pieces to facilitate storage, transport and travel.

Super lightweight blanks, Mhx special tip action is designed for easy casting and efficient strikes.

Colour Slate Blanks (anthracite grey) One model is satin white color.

Delivered with cleaning cloth pad also works for your glasses

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Blanks Mhx Spinning

Model            Lenght        Pieces       Power      Lurre  Type    Action    Tip     Butt     Weight     Price

S842-2-W*        7'0" - 2.13m      2                4-8 lb          2-9g      L          F               5.0      8.5mm      39.7g         89€

S842-2              7'0" - 2.13m      2                4-8 lb          2-9g      L          F               5.0      8.5mm      39.7g         89€

S782 2              6'6" - 1.98m      2                4-8 lb          2-9g      L          F               4.5      8.4mm      35.5g         80€

S721-2              6'0" - 1.83m     2                2-6lb           1-5g      UL       MF              4.0      7.6mm      23.0g         75€

S661-2              5'6" - 1.68m     2                2-6lb           1-5g      UL       F                 4.0      7.4mm      19.3g         75€

S781-2              6'6" - 1.98m     2                2-6lb           1-5g      UL       F                 4.0      8.0mm      25.8g         76€


Type de pêche: L Light/Léger, UL Ultra light/Ultra léger Action: F Fast/Rapide, MF Medium Fast/Rapide Modérée S842-2-W couleur du blank blanc satiné

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