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If you don’t need to carry lots of big fly boxes, this is the vest for you. If you like to be able to wade deep without getting the gear wet, this vest has a smooth height adjustment feature of the pockets to solve that. It also has a zippered tool garage on both sides for keeping tools, gadgets and floatants firm and not dangling.

We have designed this vest with the trout minimalist and salmon angler in mind. This vest's adjustment properties offer a unique flexibility. You can lower/heighten the pockets 5”/12cm to be able to cross a stream when deep wading or just use the flexibility to suit your preferred placement. Just open the buckle at the top, pull the pocket up and lock. Takes 3 seconds!

The vest is convertible and fits our Experience and Alta back packs, it’s very light (543g) and comfortable to wear. Shoulders have padding and the rails at the front are also lightly padded to make sure you don’t feel any bulk towards your body.

This is a minimalistic vest that are ideally suited for all kinds of fishing when you are certain about the fly of the day and don’t have to carry loads of boxes and gadgets. There are plenty of clever storage solutions and possibilities that lets you carry what you need with good placements of it.

Adjustability/Size: This vest is a one size that fits all. In the front bottom there is a magnetic buckle to keep the pockets together towards bottom centre so that they don’t interfere with casting. At the top front there is adjustable buckle. Side adjustment at both sides to pull the vest towards your body. Shoulders have comfortable padding for added comfort when carrying heavier load. Front Pocket Capacity/Volume: Outer Size of pack pr. side: 24cm tall 13cm wide 8cm thick. Volume for box storage pr side is 871 CM3 or 0,9L. This means you can carry one of the largest Dewitt, Salar or C&F boxes pr. pocket/side. Maximum box size is 24cm long x 11cm wide and 5 cm thick.

Pocket/Storage Features:

- Apart from Velcro patch at left side, both pockets have the same features to give you maximum flexibility to organize the pack to your preferences. - On the outer there is a small mesh pocket that can carry floatants or tippet material when fishing.

- Side opening pocket with zipper where you can store leaders, tippets, floatants, etc. The pocket is on the outside of the main compartment and is in the entire length/width of the pocket. There is a webbing loop at the bottom of the zipper (outside) where you can clamp forcep, hang floatant etc.

- The toolgarage is easy accessible via the front zipper and is a natural place to store forceps, zingers, nippers and floatants. The garage keeps stuff tight from dangeling, yet pliers and nippers can be reached without opening it.

- The vest come with two retractors and have two attachment points pr. side so you can choose to have one retractor each side or both at same. Nylon webbing to clamp forceps, Webbing band to store floatants. - Dymamite color inside garage and pockets for good contrast to the gear/boxes.

Features on the back:

-The two back mesh pockets has a folded construction that expands when you fill them up. The large one can store your wading jacket, hydration system and more. Both pockets have one-way zippers.

-There is a D-ring for holding your landing net and a hydration slot, where you can pull the tube to the hydration system through this folded opening. HIGHLIGHTS One size fits all. Minimalistic, light weight design (543g). Outer Size: 24cm tall 13cm wide 8cm thick.

Adjustable pocket height for deep wading and customized fit. Easy accessible, zippered tool garage with movable retractors and attachment points for floatants/gadgets. Inner- and outer pockets for accessories. Dymamite color inside for good contrast. Expandable back pocket for jacket, etc. hydration system friendly. Maximum fly box size each side: 24cm long x 11cm wide x 5cm thick.

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