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Let's face it, diecast reels are intended to be cheap alternatives to machined reels. They are heavier and less robust, this lower quality also means that manufacturers combine them with poor drag systems for a low selling price. In short, it doesn't usually work out well. Well... not anymore. In creating Liquid, Lamson Waterworks focused solely on the virtues and benefits that a die-casting process can offer. Structurally, you can do things with casting that you can't machine: compound curves, curved bends, no corners... The drag system is Lamson's sealed cone brake, the same drag you'll find on reels costing over €400. This drag offers power, endurance, progressiveness and sensitivity of adjustment, a waterproof operation that resists everything. The Remix offers Waterworks Lamson quality for a small price. The drag and assembly are made in the USA. The Remix and Liquid reels are adaptable to both reel models.

Reel delivered in cloth pouch

Model Black matte

Pack 3 includes a reel with 2 extra spools and a carrying pouch.

Lamson Remix
Model Old N° Diameter Widht Weight Line Capacity Price
-3+ 1.5 85mm 25mm 123g 2.3.4 WF4+90m 20lbs 149€
-5+ 3 92mm 25.5mm 126g 4.5.6 WF6+90m 20lbs 149€
-7+ 5 98mm 29mm 151g 6.7.8 WF8+180m 20lbs 159€
-9+ 7 118mm 34mm 193g 8.9.10 WF10+225m 30lbs 169€









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