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Or quality brass beads for fly tying, are glowing in the dark, very usefull for dark days and dirty waters.

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Brass balls are used to weight nymphs, very important in fly fishing, they allow a medium weight. Our brass beads are of first quality, perfectly shaped, the conical machining gives a quality hold on the hook, precise, clean and without sharp residues.

The accurate drilling at the top prevents the ball from sticking out of the hook's eye.

The paints are baked for increased impact resistance and longer lasting durability.

5 diameters: 2.40, 2.80, 3.20, 3.80 and 4.70 mm.

Please note that there may be slight variations in the diameters due to the manufacturing process, 4.70 mm balls are sometimes 4.55mm to 4.60mm. Phosphorescent colour* before the activation of the phosphorescence the balls are slightly creamy white. Phosphorescence is the phenomenon observed when a material continues to emit light after being illuminated. The term means approximately to Glow in the dark like phosphorus.


Sold in packs of 25

Matching balls/hooks:

2.40mm - 16-18

2.70mm - 16-14

3.20mm - 14-12

3.80mm - 12-10-08

4.70mm - Streamer hooks

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