Fly rod Guides American Tackle ANNEAU DURALITE CHROME



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American Tackle Ring Lock™ guides are designed for the ultimate in performance and durability. They incorporate a system of pressure fit, enlarged glue reservoir and increased contact area around a ceramic ring to dramatically reduce ring failure. Added bracing and unique frame features greatly reduce ring popping lateral torque through more stable frame.
ATLAS 316SS™ frame material adds tremendous weight to strength ratio giving this series of guides the edge to outlast and outperform all others.

Quad leg design: through our innovative we've greatly reduce ring failure

Shorter Footprint: Guide feet have been shortened resulting in shorter footprints and weight reduction from less thread and finish used.

Duralite ring: A new and improved proprietary high grade aluminum oxide based ringed material allows for the reduction of material volume meaning lighter weight and higher compression strength. Economical and highly durable, these rings are popular with rod manufacturers.

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