Fly Boxes C&F Design BOITE ETANCHE 3510F BLEUE

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It sometimes takes long years to finally realize the importance of having a quality fly box. C&F DESIGN boxes are part of this category, Japanese manufacturing with quality materials and perfect finishes, ergonomics studied for the fly, the storage, the conservation and the sampling of your flies. C&F DESIGN's productions and innovations have been widely copied around the world, you certainly have boxes that look like them, but C&F quality is not there.
Large model 197mm, 114mm, 42mm
C&F patented split foam storage system
4 panels of 10 bars of split foam
940 fly capacity
Ideal storage size for flies in size 16 and below
integrate the Flip Parts System *
Waterproof and ergonomic box
2 external holes for safety cord
Anti-slip surface
Blue color
Made in japan
C&F Design
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