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Part of the design is unique and can only be achieved by using a die casting method where reels are produced from high precision tooling and then CNC finished before beingcoated with the final finish.The drag system is smooth, precise and well proven overyears.

It will give good performance even though it is notsealed. Normal care and maintenance is required whenusing the reels in salt water.

There are 2 models available and they will fit rods from #4 up to 9. All 

models have a full rim cage to stabilize the frame and prevent thin shooting lines from getting caught between frame and spool.

The retrieve direction on the reels is easy to alter and only takes a couple of minutes.

FAVO has a Dark Gunmetal semi matte finish onthe frame and spool, with black knobs and details.

There are two orange metal plates with GL snake logo on thedrag- and spool release knobs.

Reels are delivered in a nylon reel case.

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