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A quiet and delicate Double Taper (DT) line for tactical fishing for spooky fish with light gear in clear, small waters around the planet.

The great advantage of the CDC DT line is in its control and mending possibilities. It is superior when line and loop control are the foremost requirement, making the CDC DT a line of choice for dry-fly fishing. It works great for short range fishing and is also easy to control and roll cast at longer distances.

You will be able to make a long pickup and recast to reposition the fly quickly and accurately. You will immediately notice the very low diameter of this line, a feature that helps the line cut through wind and present long leaders with pinpoint accuracy.



The slick coating has a relatively high density to keep the diameter and wind resistance low, while still being buoyant enough to keep the tip section floating. You can also turn it around and have a “new” line, as the back and front of a DT line mirror each other.

Fario CDC DT is built on a braided multifilament core. There are small, factory-made welded loops in the front and back of the line and a laser ID marking near the tip.

The fly line box and spool are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Fario CDC DT is available from DT2F to DT5F and the color is Pale Grayish Green over the full lenght of the line.



Model           Weight    lenght             Weight class         Color Total                       Lenght

Fario CDC    DT2F    12m / 39,3ft      6,5g / 100 gr         Pale Grayish Green        25 m / 82 ft

Fario CDC    DT3F    12m / 39,3ft      8,5g/131 gr           Pale Grayish Green        25 m / 82 ft

Fario CDC    DT4F    12m / 39,3ft      10,5g/162 gr         Pale Grayish Green        25 m / 82 ft

Fario CDC    DT5F    12,5m / 41ft      13g/200 gr            Pale Grayish Green        27,5m / 90 ft

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