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Eikre-fly Facile Fly Rods consists of a series of very good single-handed fly rods at a very reasonable price.
The range is resilient, comfortable and easy to get used to.
The name Facile (Latin) means easy to use and that is exactly what these bars are. Smooth action, top finish and fit resilience.
Facile forgives throwing errors in an excellent way. Although all of the Facile one-handed rods are custom-designed,
they are still designed to handle a lace class up or down as you like or need. A 9 ′ # 5 can for a fly fisherman who likes soft rods be bright with
# 6 line and for another who likes it fast and powerful it can be best with # 4. Facile has deep green finish, dark green lashings,
white logo and silver colored locks. Comes with dark green cordura tube and black bag marked with series, length and class.
Eikre-plane Facile comes with a 10-year guarantee against manufacturing defects to the first owner.
Free shipping Europe from France.
Model Lenght Line Weight Use Price
9' #4D 270 cm 4   Sèche et noyée 159€
9' #4 270 cm 4   Sèche, nymphe 159€
9' #5D 270 cm 5   Sèche et noyée 159€
9' #5 270 cm 5   Sèche et nymphe 159€
9'6' #7 295 cm 7   Réservoir et migrateurs 159€
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