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With the benefit of hindsight and feedback from international anglers, the 2020 model retains the qualities of the competition model with significant modifications.

Elimination of vibrations in strong currents by the adoption of thicker and stiffer plates but still as comfortable. The stitches are doubled from 660 to 1200 ! while keeping the same ultra resistant thread. The elastic bands are reinforced

These knee pads are handmade, assembled and sewn in Italy, using quality materials and special care in the seams. If you fish more regularly and intensively, the Impact S 2020 leg protectors will protect you effectively. Whatever the type of river, the nature of the bottom, with gravel, pebbles, with or without abrasive stones, rocks, roots and other obstacles, the leggings will protect you and your waders.

They also protect the front of your waders when walking along the water's edge where brambles and other plants are covered in thorns. They are easy to adjust and comfortable, while offering optimal protection against shocks and cuts. These are the original leggings designed specifically for fly fishing.

This innovative product combines the usefulness of protecting waders from abrasion and punctures, while protecting knees, shins and ankles on the river.

They provide an excellent base, allowing you to fish and progress on your knees, lean on rocks and other obstacles, and in the event of a fall or loss of balance they will limit damage and injury.

The elasticated fasteners and clips allow for a quick and easy fit, and the 3M anti-slip strip on the front provides excellent grip on the slipperiest of surfaces. Hydrophobic and hydrodynamic, they are designed not to flare or vibrate in strong currents. These leggings are the best selling of the collection for competitors. 3 thicker and more rigid polypropylene protection plates Plates offer more stability in the water 450g per pair Waterproof 1200 hand stitching with reinforced thread

Double seams on the elastics

Reinforced elastics and double seams

No neoprene

High density foam padding.

4 ABS clip fasteners and adjustable elastic straps

Non-slip surface

One size fits all

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